Founded in 2011, Jude Benhalim is a fashion jewelry brand that transcends East and West, catering to the fierce yet feminine, traditional and modern, delicate and powerful. Jude Benhalim’s designs straddle architectural styles, abstract shapes and striking patterns, and brings these ideas to life through a fusion of materials and concepts that bring a mix of traditional and contemporary. The brand is deeply rooted in innovation and craftsmanship, and is based on the conviction that art and sustainability can live harmoniously. Our jewelry is handcrafted using time-honoured techniques and responsibly sourced materials. Jude Benhalim is accustomed to recycling and reusing all materials, to make sure all unused materials don’t go to waste. Jude Benhalim’s attention to intricate details and quality have led to the creation of modern yet timeless pieces to be treasured beyond time. Functionality and longevity are essential elements of Jude Benhalim’s Philosophy. Jude Benhalim is a trailblazer in the art of interchangeable jewelry that is not bound by one shape or form. While Jude Benhalim is set to grow on a global scale, the brand never loses sight of its local heritage. Supporting Egyptian art and craftsmanship is a core value that Jude goes by - remaining committed to supporting Egyptian labor particularly women breadwinners as the brand continues to grow.

Meet the founders

Jude Benhalim is a young, Cairo-based jewelry designer who founded her namesake brand when she was just 17 years old. Jude draws her influence from her unique cultural heritage, upbringing in Egypt with all the country has to offer, and exposure to Avant-garde artistic concepts through her film degree at the American university in Cairo. Jude immersed herself in the jewelry world, alongside her mother- co-founder & CEO of Jude Benhalim - Rana Al-Azm. With Rana’s intuitive leadership nature and Jude’s abstract artistic thinking, both masterminds came together to turn their love for art, creation and expression into reality. Rana is the force behind the brand; her innate strategic character and love for art has helped push this Jewelry house to a whole other level. Jude mindfully draws her inspiration from her surroundings; refined architecture, robust shapes and abstract patterns, as well as bold colors, & translates these ideas into innovative and uniquely functional, timeless designs. Jude believes that jewelry shouldn't be confined by a specific trend or season. She strives to ensure that her jewelry is environmentally sustainable through sourcing sustainable materials, and involving the local community to ensure social inclusion. Her core objective is to empower women, sustain the art of craftsmanship and operate with integrity and environmental responsibility.


All Jude Benhalim jewelry is designed, assembled and hand-finished in our Cairo studio using only the finest 925 silver and gold plated brass as well as custom-made Resin stones. Our team of local artisans are specialized in hand-piercing, stone setting and Resin shaping. Each Resin stone is crafted and dyed by hand. Simple in form, with intricate details, Jude Benhalim continues to explore new techniques in design through dedication to craftsmanship and artistic creativity.