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Inspired by the industrial cog in the wheel, the Cogs and Wheels Earrings are designed to celebrate the woman’s journey through the rigidity of the urban life. It features cut-out detailing and a detachable stud that can be placed in any of the cut-outs for a playful look.


These handcrafted earrings are made of brass dipped in 18k gold with a matte finish, featuring cutout detailing and custom-made Resin stone.
Weight: 23g
Dimensions: H 5cm x W 3.5cm

Product Care

All Jude Benhalim Jewelry is intricately crafted and assembled in our Cairo-based studio using the finest 925 sterling silver and brass dipped in 18k gold. Caring for your jewelry ensures that it will look great every time you wear it. Click here for tips on how to maintain the quality and beauty of your jewelry pieces.

Styling Tip

The stud-piece can be detached from the hoop and placed in any of the triangle cutouts for a different look everyday. We love how they catch the light when your hair is swept back.