Molten Mix Necklace


Inspired by the beauty that follows a volcanic eruption, the Molten Necklace is made of 7 folded pieces that feature cutout detailing mimicing fiery lava waves and a textured base that is symbolic of dried lava cracks.

Each Molten Necklace is unique in its lava texture, making each piece one of its kind.


925 Sterling Silver & Silver dipped in 18K Gold

The Eruption Collection relies heavily on sustainable material: using recycled metals and recycled Resin stones. Each stone in this collection is made of recycled, crushed waste stones: making it a sustainable, zero-waste collection. Weight: 92g Dimensions H:23cm W: 2cm

Product Care

All Jude Benhalim Jewelry is intricately crafted and assembled in our Cairo-based studio using the finest 925 sterling silver and brass dipped in 18k gold. Caring for your jewelry ensures that it will look great every time you wear it. Click here for tips on how to maintain the quality and beauty of your jewelry pieces.

Styling Tip

The Silver Molten Necklace can be beautifully worn directly on the skin or over a round neck black top for contrast

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