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Our pieces are hand-crafted with care using high quality materials, passing through many hands to reach you. We are committed to crafting pieces that are destined to last if they are handled with care and well-looked after.

Preserve your jewelry’s beauty, shine and durability. Easy ways to keep your jewelry at its shiny best:

  • Avoid exposure to any chemicals or strong products, such as perfume and cosmetic products.
  • Remove your jewelry when bathing or swimming. Avoid contact with chlorine, sand and saltwater.
  • Take them off before doing any exercise or physical activity to keep them away from extra knocks and sweat.
  • Do not wear them while sleeping to avoid accidental damage.
  • Store them in a soft pouch separate from other jewelry, in a clean, dry and cool place. Avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Excessive light, heat or moisture may deteriorate the quality of the resin and the metal plating.

Note: resin is a fragile, breakable material, and must be handled with care.

For more information on how to care for your pieces, or, if you would like to inquire about our repairs services, please contact us at: on shop@judebenhalim.com